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Punjab recorded the highest number of farm fires in a single day for this season on Wednesday. As many as 3,634 cases of stubble-burning were reported, much higher as compared to the corresponding date in two years.

Meanwhile, the home district of Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann reported the maximum incidents in the state today for the fourth consecutive day with 677 farm fireshighest this season. This year to date, Sangrur has reported 2,721 cases of farm fires – almost double to the figures reported last season.


Till November 2, 2021, Sangrur had reported 1,028 cases, while the incidents for the corresponding date in 2020 were 4,188. The figures for the state on November 2, 2021, stand at 3,001, while that for the corresponding date in 2020 stand at 3,590. This season, the state has recorded the highest single-day spike.

According to data compiled by the government, Punjab has surpassed the cases of stubble-burning reported in 2021 till November 2.

The state had reported 17,921 farm fires in 2021, while the number of cases recorded from September 15 to November 2 this year has reached 21,480.

However, the figure for this year is less than 2020. As many as 36,765 farm fires were reported in 2020 during this period. On Wednesday, Patiala recorded 395 farm fires, followed by the border district of Ferozepur (342).

“At this rate, the cases of stubble-burning will double in 10 days and we will surpass the 2021 figures,” said experts, adding: “Usually, farm fires peak till November 15 and then come to a halt. The state government must check the figures in villages where machinery was supplied well in advance, but were still reporting high number of farm fires.”

Sources confirmed that with the Punjab Government reluctant to act against erring farmers, there is no point in visiting farm fire spots as farm union members oppose any move taken against farmers.

“They do not allow us to enter villages, leave aside dousing the farm fires. Either the government should take strict action to completely ban the practice of stubble-burning or allow all farmers to set their fields on fire. When the government makes a law, it must implement it on ground, otherwise it raises a question mark on the government itself,” said a senior official involved directly in tackling farm fires.


At this rate, the cases of stubble-burning will double in 10 days. This year, despite providing farmers with the required machinery in certain villages, they are still setting stubble on fire. This is a worrying trend.


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