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Amritsar: Tobacco carcinogens, their biomarkers, and different aspects of prevention were discussed during the 4th International and 20th National Oncology Nursing Conference that began at Sri Guru Ram Das College of Nursing (SGRDCN) from December 1 to 3.

While talking about the grim situation of smoking in India, Dr AP Singh, dean, SGRD University cum organizing chairperson, said 3 people die due to smoking every 2 minutes in the country and the total number of de- that cigarette smoke contaiaths attributed to smoking was around 7 lakh.

The studies had revealed that cigarette smoke contained more than 7,000 chemicals, including nicotine, tararsenic, hydrogen cyanide etc. which burn at 900 to 1000 degree Celsius adding that a smoker ingests a full cup of tar into his lungs every day. Dr Singh said that cigarette smoke contained 11 chemical compounds that were known to cause cancer.

“Issues of smoking causing harm to man’s sexuality, leading to erectile dysfunction caused due to decreased amount of blood flowing into the penis. It also impairs reduce mortality, sperm lifespan, and may cause genetic changes,” he said, adding that maternal smoking causes miscarriages and perinatal deaths.

Dr Singh said that the provisions of the cigarettes and other tobacco products Act forbid smoking in public places, direct and indirect advertising of tobacco etc. but expressed concern that the provisions of the Act we re not fully implemented.

Talking about the harmful effects of second-hand smoking, he said the combination of side stream smoke (comes from burning tobacco), and mainstream smoke (comes from exhaled smoke) contains over 4000 chemicals was also carcinogenic.

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