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Chandigarh: Haryana government has started appbased monitoring to control the abuse of habit-forming pharma drugs. The state government has launched the app, SAATHI, as a pilot project in Sonipat district.

If the trial is a success, the app will be introduced across the state. At the same time, Haryana home, health and family welfare minister Anil Vij has also approached the Centre for implementation of a similar app.

Of the total 3,350 drug-related cases registered this year, 4% are related to possession and sale of psychotropic drugs. Last year, incidence was recorded to be around 5%.

According to information, the app will be operated and monitored jointly by drug control officers and units of Narcotics Haryana State Control Bureau (HSNCB) at the district level. With the inception of the app, each and every licence holder for retail, wholesale and stocking of pharma drugs will have an online entry of each and every stock of psychotropic drugs.

“Anything found beyond inventory shall be liable for action under Drugs and Cosmetics Act and NDPS Act. We have already started talking to shopkeepers and traders, and they have downloaded the app and have started using the same,” said an official of food and drug administration (FDA) department.

Haryana is alleged to be getting such drugs from New Delhi, Punjab, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh.

“Here, such material is coming from each and every site. App would be an added input support for the mechanism devised by us. Now, at least each and every chemist shall ensure an adequte and proper inventory. Besides taking such measures, we have also increased surveillance in the pharma hubs of Himachal Pradesh and other states where medicines are factured,”said Vij.

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